ITS BACK! v2.0 BMW 2002 Subwoofer Enclosure


Image of ITS BACK!  v2.0 BMW 2002 Subwoofer Enclosure

Built with the same design concept as the kick panels, the sub enclosure fits under the passenger rear seat with no interference. Leaving the seat to function as designed.
Now with with both 6" and 8" mounting pad.
Built around the high line, JL Audio 6.5" 6w3 driver as a sealed unit, or an 8" entry level driver. (The 8" driver selection and spec is up to you and not supported by Bolt-on-Bliss, but has been done by customers in the past. Please make your 8" driver selection after receiving the unit and taking depth measurements.)

Made to order. These are three layer fiber glass, and install with common tools. Trimmed out for a 6.5" driver, and pre-wired with a speaker terminal.
Installation instructions included.
No speaker included.
Priced as a single unit.
Allow up to two weeks for delivery.